“The world of design in the office”

We are a young dynamic company focusing to design and sale of office furniture, but also a home, commercial and seating furniture, lighting, wall partitions, semi natural greenery, and acoustics elements. Thankfully to professional background of our company, we are successful in Czech Republic but also in Slovakia and we have a lot of successful realizations in our portfolio.

Our manufactures are one of the biggest ones in the furniture industrial enterprises in Europe. Target of our company is consistent with internationally recognised style of design and
that´s why our motto is:
“The world of design in the office”.

Our complete services


The ideal solution of your place begins with out-set consultation. Here, we consider all your ideas and requirements. The target of our team is to help and offer the best solution which is consistent to all your requirements .


We can offer all different solutions for your space regarding to ergonomic, comfort and functionality. We take pride of your pleasant feelings of your space and a matter of design harmony with other elements in the room.

Outcome of design is disposition in 2D, visualization in 3D and overview of used elements including a price offer.

Realization and Assembly

We can completely take care of your project. Organisation of assembly by qualified team and delivery by our contractual carrier is our standard.

We´ll sort everything out for you and you´ll only receive finish project in approved form.

Customer service

When we pass you a key to your finished project, our work doesn´t finish just yet. Our warranty service is a matter of course and we love to see returning customers with their new, small, or big projects.

Our Team


Renata Votavová

Renata in her free time loves to focus to self-knowledge studies and in the future she would love to help other people to their better lives.


Andrea Vysocká

Andrea enjoying traveling and exploring the world and meeting new people. She loves recreational sports and culinary.

Head of design

MgA. Zuzana Dvořáková

Graduated at the Faculty of architecture at ČVUT of Product Design.

In her spare time, she enjoys motorcycling and yachting.

Head of realizations

Bc. Lukáš Hoang

Graduated at VŠTE of Construction Management.

Skying and yachting instructor who also loves to explore new technologies and motorcycling.

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