Semi natural greenery by ILA

An ILA product that brightens up your spaces and doesn’t add to your worries.
You can choose from small potted flowers, through green walls to huge trees, exactly tailored to your ideas. Semi-natural roslitny belongs to any interior spaces, whether for commercial or private purposes.

Why choose semi-natural ILA plants?

Most manufacturers produce stabilized (“mummified”) plants: plants that are semi-natural, but are processed with the help of formaldehyde and glycerin.
Plants processed in this way release undesirable substances into the space and become harmful to health. After some time, they begin to smell (they have too much chemistry in them) and are very flammable. Their service life is also limited.
The trunks and stems of our plants are natural. This plant material is obtained from different parts of the world with respect to ecology. Plant parts are treated against all parasites and fungal diseases. This process allows our trees to maintain a natural and beautiful appearance for a long time.
The leaves are made of high-quality polyester fabric. Each kind of leaf has its own form of production. This makes each ticket original and exceptional. Quality polyester is resistant to fading and bending of petals.
Plants are inherently less flammable because they do not contain formaldehyde and glycerin. At the client’s request, it is possible to order non-flammable rosltins, suitable for commercial premises.
Production and export takes place in Italy and materials are imported from all over the world.
Thanks to quality materials and workmanship, we guarantee a guarantee of plant life, up to 100 years.

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