Wall Partitions XWALL

XWall is an architectonic wall partition system for improving a harmony in interior with modern technology. Individual XWall modules are compatible with each other. With the combination in one piece, we can find plenty to order solutions.

System XWall offers 5 types of partitions and every single one is possessing with distinctive qualities.

So, if you need that the partitions need to be soundproofed or want them use as a storage space, or you would like to combine all types together, don´t hesitate to contact us.


System of vertical partitions comprising single glass panes and solid panels arranged continuously, thereby minimising the presence of vertical uprights. Light weight and elemental appeal characterise this product. M1 offers endless possibilities for constructing spaces intended for the variuos tasks that the modern style


System of vertical partitions with 2 glass panes fitted side-by-side, which can be be integrated with double solid panels. M2 stands out for the light weight snd simplicity of its structure, with superior acoustic and structural performarce levels, which are vital for any respectable workplace.


The M3 single glass pane wall panel features all the characteristics of transparency and sophisticated details that make it unique in terms of styling quality and technology. The vertical partitions comprise single glass panes and solid panel arranged continuously. A simplified system of lightened profiles guarantees solutions that focus on minimising structural elements. Minimalism and elemental design characterise this product.


A classic system of partitions with robust profiles and structural elements that illustrate the strength of the entire structure. A number of design solutions, both from vertical and horizontal parts, can offer both transparency and privacy in the separation of classic offices and meeting rooms. The system can be used as a support module for various structural elements such as shelves, cabinets, or telecommunication systems (TV).

Specification sheet download here


Whether in a closed or open version, the XWall S1 system offers a true multifunctional solution for storage or archiving. The S1 system is compatible with all other XWall systems. This system is not only an add-on, but offers many options to organize storage space according to your own needs.


Xchange are flexible workspaces that guarantee you absolute privacy. Larger booths can serve as a space for brainstorming, meetings or workshops, while smaller booths are an ideal space for a phone call or a quick meeting for two.

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